About GEMM Core

The GEMM Core provides a variety of mouse genetic engineering services to the University of Arizona academic community on a not-for-profit basis. These services include vector design & construction, gene targeting and blastocyst injection for the production of gene-targeted mice, genome editing for knockout, knockin, conditional knockout and tagged alleles, as well as vector design & construction and DNA microinjection for the production of transgenic mice. Conditional, motif deletion and polymorphic alleles are the most common made by the Core. The Core also provides embryo derivation and strain cryopreservation services. The Core's services are also available to outside institutions whether they be academic, for-profit or private entities.

Need more?

For additional services that involve mouse experimentation, please visit the Experimental Mouse Shared Services (EMSS) of the University of Arizona Cancer Center http://azcc.arizona.edu/research/shared-services/emss.

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